Information about patients

Patient - L.N,

Age  - 26 years


Pain in the region of abdomen, ovaries and the back during the first day of menstrual cycle; the patient has been married

for 4 years, primary infertility, and constipation. 

Objective data of the examination

Endo-vaginal examination on 28th day of menstrual cycle – ovaritis; right ovary inflammation, 45х30,5х27,5mm;V-19,7cm3,

with inflammatory type, not uniform  follicles 25,5х13 mm, homogeneous content and 13-14 and diffusely located small

cystic formations. Left ovary 59х45, 5х 43,5 mm V-61,5cm3, with hemorrhagic 2-chamber cyst with sizes 52x42 mm.

Cervix - 30,5х5х24 mm.  Along the full length of the channel are visualized the hemorrhagic regions, maximal size 1.5x1 mm.

Colpocervicoscopy study – hyperplasia of the channels mucous. Consultation of mammalogist – diffuse -cystic mastopathy.

No viruses. Bacterioscopic smear – leucocytes 26-28, trichomonas, fungus, gram-positive cooci.

Kymopertubation – poorly conducting tubes. 

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22 years

AB 1 AB 2

The uterine cavity has the shape of triangle, deviated to the back, with increased volume. The left tube is not conducting in the beginning of isthmic portion, the right tube is not conducting in the interstitial portion. 
The patient was treated 65 days. The patient became pregnant.

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