Instruction for medical use


Pharmacological properties: 

Fertilogen is characterized with antimicrobial, antiinflammatory and antivirus features. It is used in the complex therapy of infertility of women caused by the genital infections. It increases the immune system function and helps to regenerate tissues.

Pharmacological/therapeutic group:
Antimicrobial herbal medicine for the treatment of infertility of women caused by inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system.

Pharmacological action:
Fertilogen is effective for double-sided hydrosalpinx, pyosalpinx, in case of obstruction of the uterine tubes and heals commissural processes in pelvis minor. It helps to regenerate normal anatomic structure of the uterus and the uterine appendages, improves microcirculation of the pelvis minor organs, cures or reduces chronic and relapsing inflammatory processes of uterus and its appendages.

Fertilogen is prescribed in case of follicular, inflammatory, endometrial cysts and polycystic, also in case of primary and secondary sterility, erosion of cervix of the uterus , endometritis, endocervicitis, oophoritis and dysfunctions of the urogenital system.

Not ascertained.

Side effects:                                                                                               
Not ascertained.


For taking inside:
Put herbs mixture in the enamelled pan and add hot boiled water in accordance with the ratios given below, cover pan and stand herbs mixture in boiled water for 20 minutes. Further, put it on low fire and boil for 15-20 minutes. Cool it covered and then press it. Keep this decoction at temperature not above +15c.

The ratios of herbs mixture and water:
For patient who weighs 50-60 kg: for 120 g herbs mixture take 1,8-2 L of water;
For patient who weighs 60-70 kg: for 130 g herbs mixture take 1,8-2 L of water;
For patient who weighs 70-80 kg: for 140 g herbs mixture take 2 L of water;
For patient who weighs 80-90 kg: for 150 g herbs mixture take 2,2 L of water;
For patient who weighs more than 100 kg: for 180-200 g herbs mixture take 2,2 L of water;

Take with 200 g glass three times per day 40 minutes before eating. 
Take it for the fourth time (200 g) before sleeping (do not eat any more).

For washing out vagina:
Put used pressed herbs in the enamelled pot for the second time, add 1,2 L hot boiled water, cover 
it and stand on low fire. Boil it and keep on fire for 10 minutes. Cool it covered and then press it. Use warm decoction for washing out vagina.

Remark: Prepared per os and per vaginum decoctions are used during 2 days. Prepare new decoctions after 2 days. 

Duration of treatment:
It lasts 1-6 months at doctor's discretion.

Manufacturing form:
First wrapping: 200 g herbs mixture in a paper packet.
Second wrapping: cardboard box.

3 years

Storage conditions:
Keep at dry, dark place at room temperature.

Dispensing terms:
Without prescription

name and manufacturer address:

“Neofarm” Ltd with order of  sole proprietor “Liana Rurua”
D. Agmashenebeli Avenue the 12-th km, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: 59-57-91.

Owner of license:
Sole proprietor “Liana Rurua”
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 2 36-47-22; Mob: 599-71-32-75

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